Integrating and managing services for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC-hub)

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1/2018 - 3/2021
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Evropská unie
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EOSC-hub implements the EOSC infrastructure and offers a single contact point to researchers/innovators to discover, access, use/reuse a broad spectrum of services for advanced data-driven research. The project will:
Provide a unified portfolio of services for data-intensive research made accessible through an online platform, the Hub, gathering services from EGI, EUDAT, CLARIN, CMS, DARIAH, ELIXIR, EISCAT, EIDA, ENES, EPOS, GEOSS, ICOS, ITER, IFREMER, LifeWatch, LNEC, LOFAR, ICOS, WeNMR, and earth observation core data providers.
Integrate services and products of EGI, EUDAT and INDIGO-DataCloud.
Through EOSC-hub researchers will turn to EOSC as a general platform to store, share, process or archive large research data. EOSC-hub services will be planned, operated and controlled in compliance with FitSM.
Provide services/data ensuring confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in compliance with the upcoming European GDPR and its national adaptations. Codes of practices will be developed for EOSC-Hub service providers.
Address the need for interoperability of composite services in a hybrid environment by collecting user requirements, adopting Rules of Engagement for reference standards/public interfaces. Through a network of competence centres and business pilots, researchers will customise their applications to EOSC.
Support Open Science by providing tools/services for opening knowledge creation to a multitude of stakeholders. EOSC-hub enables cooperation in research, knowledge transfer and sharing of results.
Provide a certified sustainable European long-term data preservation and curation service with a scalable distributed certified back office and front ends in domain-specific research infrastructures.
Address the fragmentation of policies of access and channels for user engagement for European-scale coherency, cooperation and cross-border access provisioning. EOSC-hub will rely on a worldwide infrastructure involving hundreds of service providers.

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