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Flexibilní začátek a konec pracovní doby

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Možnost plného i zkráceného úvazku

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Cloud DevOps NINJA

Infrastructure for the future. Making the world better. Interested? 

We provide IT infrastructure for advanced scientific research and education. Sustainable, scalable, and dynamic, able to cope with the rapidly growing educational and scientific needs. We are testing and implementing edge technologies, focusing on automation and innovation. We strive to be the best. 

Are you interested in many areas of IT? Too creative to work as a mindless drone but too practical to work as a pure theoretician? Want to experiment with newly emerging technologies and implement them? Bring your ideas into life and see how they enable advanced scientific research? 

Good news! Join the team of CESNET/Metacentrum and ICS MU/CERIT-SC to work on the new generation of software-defined infrastructure. We are looking for new colleagues with a very particular set of skills - skills that make them a nightmare for people who like to do things manually. 

We work with a variety of languages, tools, and technologies.  

Your skills should include at least two of these:

  • Software architecture and programming
  • Scripting and automation of repetitive tasks
  • Networking protocols, switching, and routing
  • Provisioning automation and service orchestration
  • System administration or advanced user-level experience
  • Team-centered problem solving and workflows


  • Successfully completed or ongoing university-level education in a related field
  • Ability to work on-site in Brno

What do we offer?

  • Unique workplace at Masaryk university– autonomy in choosing and testing new technologies, new ideas welcomed, meaningful application in practice, the positive social impact of your work, cooperation with experienced IT professionals and with scientists
  • Flexible working hours, home-office possibility
  • Six weeks of vacation, meal vouchers, pension insurance contribution
  • Creative and challenging work environment, possibility to travel abroad
  • More about the benefits can be found here
  • Competitive financial compensation, 35–70k CZK depending on skillset, experience, and responsibility

Reference languages, technologies, and tools:

  • OpenStack, VMware, Ceph
  • Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Docker, Packer, Kubernetes
  • Ruby, Python, Go, C++, Bash
  • Git, GitHub, TravisCI
  • VLAN, VXLAN, Infiniband
  • Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu)

Please send your CV to

Network Team Manager

Who we are – the Data and Technical Networks Team of ICS MUNI?

We build and maintain an extensive, exclusive, and complex data network of our modern university – over 12.000 km of fiber, hundreds of active network devices, tens of thousands of endpoints. We connect researchers, students, academics, experts, various systems, edge technology devices, and many organizations. We enable modern learning methods, immediate information availability, national and international cooperation, high-speed computing, radical discoveries, and much more.

Who you are?

  • You want to become a network architect, managing your own team
  • You have the potential to design and develop extensive network infrastructure and come up with unconventional solutions
  • You are an innovation enthusiast, interested in examining new technologies and experimenting with them; you are keen on testing its potential and implementing/integrating it
  • You take to networking like a duck to water; WAN, LAN, firewall, Cisco, Juniper, datacentre, Wi-Fi, etc. are the base of your technical knowledge
  • You enjoy continuous learning and development of your skills and knowledge
  • You have a track record of running and maintaining a complex network infrastructure
  • You like to work with your team, leading it and taking care of the professional and personal development of all the team members

Network team activity examples:

  • Massive expansion and strengthening of university Wi-Fi coverage for employees, students, and visitors
  • Leading projects to innovate and automate network infrastructure maintenance and operation, for example, "Firewall rules administration using user identity", etc.
  • Advanced methods, tools, and technologies implementation into the existing network infrastructure, such as IaaC cloud or appliances for real surgery simulation
  • Designing solutions for research challenges such as flexible network capacity for immediate transfer of extremely large amounts of data
  • Software-Defined Network concept preparation and pilot implementation
  • But also dealing with actual topics and challenges, for example, ensuring complete on-line education during a pandemic, etc.

What do we offer?

  • Professional growth through continuous development of complex Masaryk University data network, uncommon freedom, and self-realization, diverse work
  • The unique position where your work directly enables scientific discoveries and next-generation education
  • Broad opportunity to realize own ideas on implementing new technologies, concepts, and approaches
  • Progressive technologies – not only the option to “play” with it but direct implementation in both projects and operation
  • Leading an expert team (experienced specialists but also students, learning and growing into more senior roles)
  • Contact with students, their supervision and integration to the team; your own academic career if interested
  • Partnership with experts and communities on the national and international level (CESNETetc.), professional conferences, seminars, and training
  • Benefits – 6 weeks of holiday, flexible working hours, parking, meal vouchers, etc.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to


Cloud Engineer

The Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University cooperates on building a large and high-performance national software-defined Cloud infrastructure supporting academic research. We interconnect excellent researchers, teachers, and university students with modern technologies, which help them to perform excellent research, innovative forms of education, as well as support the society as a whole.

Once you join us, you will have an opportunity to collaborate on building and improving this unique infrastructure, share new ideas with international research communities, as well as support various researchers on achieving excellent research results. Since excellent research requires excellent infrastructure, you will also have an opportunity to learn and share novel infrastructure ideas, examine cutting-edge technologies, and grow as a professional and as a person. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Participation in the design and development of the infrastructure
  • Collaboration with team members to manage operational activities and schedule project tasks
  • Communication with research communities and proactive analysis of their requirements
  • Systems maintenance and upgrades to keep the infrastructure secure and bug-free
  • Deployment of new components and cloud features
  • Development of new tools that make infrastructure usage or teamwork easier

Your Essential Experience:

  • Cloud platforms (production experience with OpenStack is an advantage)
  • Production experience with Docker and Kubernetes platforms
  • Virtualization platforms and technologies
  • Linux administration
  • Monitoring systems 
  • Deep networking knowledge
  • Scripting experience on Python and/or Bash
  • Automation tools (experience with Ansible or Puppet is an advantage)
  • CI/CD concepts

Your Desirable Experience:

  • Software-defined networking (OVN)
  • Automated bare metal provisioning (Redfish)
  • Working experience with software-defined storages (CEPH)
  • Experience with HPC, GPU, and AI

What do we offer?

  • Unique workplace at Masaryk University – autonomy in choosing and testing new technologies, new ideas welcomed, meaningful application in practice, the positive social impact of your work, cooperation with experienced IT professionals as well as excellent researchers
  • Ability to work remotely from time to time
  • No on-call support
  • Creative and challenging work environment, possibility to travel abroad to the summit conferences
  • Flexible working hours, home-office possibility
  • Six weeks of vacation, meal vouchers, pension insurance contribution
  • Bicycle parking and shower
  • No open spaces
  • Friendly atmosphere with time to time countryside trips
  • More about the benefits can be found here

Please send your CV and motivation letter to

Darina Pešáková

„Každé ráno se těším, co nového den přinese. Příprava a následné školení zaměstnanců mi rozšiřuje obzory a vzdělává nejen zaměstnance, ale i mě. Mám možnost určovat směry projektu a této variability si na své práci velmi cením.“

Darina Pešáková
Specialistka a školitelka Office 365

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