Geovisto: Toolkit for Generic Geospatial Data Visualization

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Year of publication 2021
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Faculty of Informatics

Description Geovisto is a library based on the React, Leaflet, and D3.js libraries. Provides the ability to process and visualize generic geographic data in the form of thematic multilayer maps. This can be achieved both programmatically and user-wise using a user interface. The user can interactively define mappings between data and map layers. Among other things, the library provides an API for easy extension in the form of tools (Geovisto tools). It, therefore, represents a compromise between program libraries (e.g., Leaflet) and authoring systems (e.g., Tableau). Geovisto architecture emphasizes modularity. It consists of a core (Geovisto core) and the already mentioned tools. The core processes program and user inputs (geographic data, definition of geographic objects in GeoJSON format, and map settings) initialize the map and individual tools depending on the entered inputs. The tools provide map functionality (controls, map layers). This version of Geovisto provides tools for basic functionality (commonly used map layers and a sidebar for controlling them).
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