Prototypová implementace nástroje pro vizuální analýzu časově orientovaných dat

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Title in English Prototype implementation of a tool for visual analysis of time-oriented data


Year of publication 2021
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Informatics

Description The prototype implementation of the visual time series analysis tool (hereafter referred to as Incident Analyzer) is an interactive tool for performing analysis of events obtained from the Flowmon REST API. The tool aims to demonstrate the use of the concepts of analytical provenance and visual querying in the process of time-based data analysis (e.g. capturing communications in a supervised ICS infrastructure. Analytical provenance is a concept that provides a significant simplification of the analysis process, as it allows not only to store but also to visualize all the steps of the analysis. This will achieve faster orientation of the analyst in more complex analytical procedures and at the same time facilitate the creation of a report (analysis report), which includes the analysis procedure itself. Visual queryingpak allows filtering or selection of data through interactive visualizations instead of entering conditions as text input only; as such, it speeds up the drill-down (drilling down and refinement) of the information sought.
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