Significant European Projects Successfully Launched!

29 Nov 2022

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Two large European projects with our participation successfully started in November. The Genomic Data Infrastructure project aims to create a data infrastructure that will enable secure access to genomics and corresponding clinical data across Europe. The BioMedAI Twinning project brings artificial intelligence experts from Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic to build an expert center for developing artificial intelligence methods in biomedical applications.​

Genomic Data Infrastructure Project

On Thursday, November 17, the European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) project was launched in Brussels under the coordination of the ELIXIR consortium. The European Commission finances the budget of 40 million euros as part of the Digital Europe program together with the participating member states.

The goal of the GDI project is to realize the ambition of the initiative 1+MG – that is, to create a data infrastructure enabling secure access to genomics and corresponding clinical data throughout Europe. The project, involving a consortium of partners from 20 European countries, will promote sustainable and secure cross-border connectivity and access to large amounts of genomic and related phenotypic, clinical and other datasets across Europe. Together with our participation, the research centre CEITEC is a co-investigator.

More information about the project and its goals can be found on the European Genomic Data Infrastructure website.

BioMedAI Twinning Project

As the main coordinator, together with the MU Faculty of Informatics, we are participating in the BioMedAI Twinning project, which started on November 16 with the first kick-off meeting. BioMedAI Twinning brings together artificial intelligence experts from Masaryk University, the German Technical University of Berlin, and medical experts from the Austrian Medical University of Graz and from the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno. Their common goal is to build an expert centre at Masaryk University to develop artificial intelligence methods in biomedical applications. This will enable the creation of a BioMedAI infrastructure that ensures close collaboration between IT and clinical experts to build explainable and trustworthy AI solutions based on quality medical data validated in the clinical setting.

You can learn more about the project on our website.

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