We Designed the First Four Lessons on How to Use 3D Printing in Teaching

10 Nov 2021

The project in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and the company Y Soft focused on the use of 3D printing in education is bearing its first fruits. Together we have created the first four methodological lessons or primary and secondary schools that are interested in introducing 3D printing into their teaching.

Having a 3D Printer Is Not Enough, You Need to Be Able to Use It Meaningfully

3D printing is an increasingly promising technology that confirms its flexibility and wide applicability in various fields and activities. One such connection is its use in teaching at primary and secondary schools.

The purpose of the project is mainly that schools will have a comprehensive methodology for how to start 3D printing at all, or how to meaningfully involve it in teaching.

“In my opinion, it is precisely the lack of support for this new technology that many, especially primary and humanities secondary schools, are still struggling with. They may have a 3D printer, but if they don't have an avid teacher who has time to do 3D printing in class, the printer is locked up somewhere in the office and someone prints a keychain or Christmas candy box on it sometimes.”

Vladimír Schindler Vladimír Schindler
IT specialist and one of the project solvers from ICS

The first four lessons created will be followed by a second set to be completed in mid-2022, and a third set to be created in March 2023. And that's not all - a set of teaching aids is planned to provide support material for teachers and pupils. Thanks to these created teaching aids, it will be possible to immediately integrate 3D printing technology into education. Together, the researchers also want to organize a workshop for representatives of primary and secondary schools, where teachers will be able to learn about the results of the project in order to increase the adoption of 3D printing.

The project will also be presented at the MU Business Research Forum, the largest event presenting the readiness of Masaryk University to cooperate with the private and public applications, which will take place on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at 9:30 am on the University Campus at CEITEC.

Samples of printed 3D aids ready for use in teaching

School Game with 3D Printing

The project should primarily make it easier for schools to introduce 3D printing into their teaching. "Thanks to this, primary and secondary school applicants will have access to a proven methodology, terminological anchoring of 3D printing, key factors and barriers, a set of procedures and recommendations for systematic implementation of 3D printing in educational content," explains Kamil Malinka, main project solver from ICS.

Together with colleagues, he is involved in the project mainly by sharing know-how and knowledge and experience from the real involvement of IT technologies in Czech education. Specifically, they provide the technical part of the project, consult with teachers on their ideas for lessons and aids and create the first designs of 3D models.

More information about the project itself can be obtained from the press release.

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