Farewell, IS BAPS

24 May 2021

Twenty years is a long time, but in terms of IT technology, it is even more respectable. And just after 20 years, we are saying goodbye to the BAPS Information System, which we are replacing with its operational successors, the netbox and NetStork systems. But what preceded this exchange?

Already in 2001, the then computer science students Petr Bartoš and Michal Batko, led by Petr Glos, created IS BAPS - Information System Brno Academic Computer Network - based on the needs of our network specialists, and collaborated on its development and maintenance until 2008.

Modern times bring modern solutions and with the innovations in the field of networks, it was often considered whether to implement new functionalities into an existing system that used an outdated development environment, whether to embark on the implementation of IS BAPS2 or acquire a new modern commercial solution.

Discard the Outdated Solution and Buy a New One?

Such decisions are not easy, it is necessary to balance added value and costs. Market research was repeated, but IS BAPS remained a loyal collaborator with all the pros and cons. In 2019, however, the balance turned to new solutions, and in the summer of 2020 a decision was made. The BAPS IS will be replaced by the OpenSource system for Asset management netbox, which will be gradually used not only for networking, and by the commercial system from Globema NetStork.

The eight-member team collaborated on data research and revision, design of new structures and migrations to prepare the environment not only for themselves and networkers, but also for colleagues from CIT FSS and our telephone operators, and gradually for further building of institutional Asset Management. Thanks also go to colleagues from our other divisions who supported the project with their activities.

Migrated to netbox

267 buildings

711 racks

32 149 devices

74 603 cables

Migrated to NetStork

256 buildings

186 racks

285 devices

276 ground boxes

284 optical cables

21 790 optical fibers

117 overhead routes

532 underground routes

With each end, something new always begins, and after working on the project, users are expected to work with new systems on a daily basis, probably to discover some shortcomings, but that is part of life.

Therefore, I wish everyone that the netbox and NetStork systems serve their users faithfully, ideally for the next 20 years, as was the case with IS BAPS.

Ing. Hana Valášková

Project manager at the IT Infrastructure Division with previous experience in a private Czech IT company developing financial systems, graduate of FE BUT.

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