Internal communication benefits common development

We know very well that communication is a key element of a successful team, both in the workplace and outside of it. We therefore use internal communication channels, such as the monthly newsletter or the Portal, we meet at informal coffees with the director or at regular teambuilding events and external meetings. We are thus trying to strengthen common relations for better cooperation and satisfaction of our employees.

Coffee with the director and management of ICS

Meetings with the director and management of ICS, held several times a year, provide an opportunity for all employees to familiarize themselves with the main goals and strategy of ICS and have a positive impact on mutual trust and company culture.

Monthly teambuilding events

They serve as relaxing and fun activities that allow employees to take a break from the work pace, which has a positive impact on occupational well-being and job satisfaction.

Retreat ICS

They are an important tool for us to strengthen team spirit, improve communication, support collaboration across divisions and develop the skills of our employees.

Portal for employees

It is used to access internal tools and applications, documents, information, news and all happenings on ICS.

Employee newsletter ICS

A tool that helps build an inspiring work environment at ICS, improves internal communication, awareness and involvement of employees in development.


Colloquiums are held once a month (with the exception of the summer months) and their aim is to present current research, development and work from various areas of our activities within the institute.

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