The Strategic Plan of the ICS (2021–2028)

Internal Culture and Social Activities

Strategic Priorities

3.1 Active offer of professional expertise in IT areas, emphasizing cybersecurity and safe use of AI tools.

3.2 ICS will become a partner to increase the professional expertise availability of university for the general public, including its comprehensible presentation.

3.3 Support students and university staff’s altruistic initiatives in the form of creation and operation appropriate IT platforms and tools; ensure the long-term operation of at least one university platform for social discussion.

Key Results and Indicators

3.i ICS moderates the discussion within the professional university IT community and supports its mutual knowledge with users; contributes positively to the cultivation of this relationship.

3.ii ICS applies research procedures obtained from working with data and experience with user processing requirements for the comprehensible presentation of key information on societal issues.

3.iii CPS is gradually transformed into a meeting place for students and an environment that allows, in collaboration with libraries, to act as an open public platform to communicate social issues and evaluate their response.

Tools for Achieving Strategic Objectives

3.a Creating a communication strategy and a strategy for the popularization of science and professional IT expertise of ICS, including public and social media, including local ones.

3.b Deepening communication within the IT community, organization of educational workshops, quality care of services provided, communication of community topics, and professional identity to the university public.

3.c Emphasizing intra-university publicity of activities in the field of IT tools, related procedures, and their presentation in relation to the successful fulfillment of the university’s primary tasks.

3.d Deepening of clear information about news and changes in IT tools, co-workers “behind them” and care for further improvement of this communication. 8 Institute of Computer Science MU

3.e In cooperation with the student public, we will also open CPS to be suitable for public discussion. First to professional topics of ICT, then to other areas; a conceptual connection with MU’s planned cultural and social center.

3.f Cooperation with regional and municipal administration and self-government (especially with the South Moravian Region and the statutory city of Brno) for the use of expertise in data processing in the evaluation effectiveness of communication with the public, submission of expert opinions, etc.

3.g ICS will support the development of Open Science topic and related Open concepts from public (Open Data) and private sector (Open Innovation) as new forms of advanced communication and visualization of scientific and professional topics for the general public, public administration and industry (infrastructure development for scientific diplomacy).

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