Meteo Read: Client Software for Inserting Observed Atmospheric Data into MySQLTM Database



Year of publication 2023
Type Monograph
Description Investigating the tendency of climate change and its effects on ecology, economy and sociology is essential for long-term policy making. The long-term measure-ment of the physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere with state-of-the-art instruments provides high-quality data for these studies. MeteoRead is a client database software that imports the observed atmospheric data, e.g. wind direction, wind speed, aerosol particle concentration, etc. and makes them available in different file formats most commonly used in climate re-search. This JavaTM-based program applies the Structured Query Language (SQL) functions such as table creation on a database server, data or figures insertion into the table and data selection via Graphical User Interface. The selected data can be stored in NetCDF, HDF5, DataBase or TXT file formats, and the figures can be available in PNG, JPG, JPNG, PDF or GIF file formats. The program was tested on Linux and Windows platforms with different JavaTM Development Kit. The Mete-oRead is planned to be developed to visualise the annual, seasonal, monthly, daily or hourly average value of the selected data and to use the functionality of the SQL database to calculate various mathematical and statistical correlations.

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