We Have Migrated Faculty Online Services to our Infrastructure

10 Sep 2020

Po letech provozování vlastního datového centra kolegové z Centra informačních technologií Filozofické fakulty (CIT FF) v letošním roce řešili otázku, jak dál pokračovat po skončení životnosti a servisní podpory hardwaru, který dosud používali k zajištění služeb pro uživatele.

After years of operating their own data center, colleagues from the Centre for Information Technologies of the Faculty of Arts (CIT FF) this year addressed the question of how to proceed after the end of service life and support of the hardware they used to provide services to users.

After considering various variants, they decided not to renew the hardware in their data center and instead use our offer of hosting their servers and services in a cloud environment, which we operate at ICS. As a result, they not only significantly saved operating costs but also eliminated the need to purchase and maintain hardware and software.

The Outcome of Long-Term Cooperation

Radim Peša and Tomáš Sapák from the IT Infrastructure Division were on the side of ICS in preparing the solution with the Faculty of Arts and the migration itself. "We have been cooperating with colleagues from CIT FF for a long time, and we are glad that they decided to use the possibilities of the IaaS environment operated at ICS. We also take the entrustment of the almost complete server infrastructure of the faculty into our care as a result of our previous cooperation and a sign of trust in the services we provide," said Radim Peša.

Several workplaces across the university use ICS services, but the Faculty of Arts is the first to abolish its server infrastructure for user services completely and entirely rely on the "virtual server rooms" we offer.

"Our cooperation does not end with the successful completion of the migration itself. We assume that we will now be in even closer contact than before. We help colleagues from CIT FF by taking over all worries about server hardware, disk storage, and related virtualization software layers, which are common to all operated servers and services, " added Peša.

The care of the services themselves, such as the faculty mail, the ELF e-learning system, or the digital library, thus remains in the competence of CIT FF experts, who know best the specifics of their users and their requirements.

A Convenient Solution for the Faculty

During the migration itself, which took place during the spring and summer of this year, we migrated 46 virtual servers, including 25 TB of data, from the FF to the shared infrastructure operated at the ICS. Users were not affected by this change, we performed all actions in the background without affecting the availability of services.

"For the faculty and the university, this is a positive change in many ways. It saves operating costs - a centralized infrastructure costs fewer resources than several data centers at different university workplaces. It reduces the necessary investment and administration - eliminates the need to purchase software and hardware at various economic centers. It increases the quality of administration - in one large university center specific know-how is created that is not realistic to acquire and maintain in the long run in the variant of many decentralized data centers," explains the approach of the Faculty of Arts Daniel Mikšík, head of CIT FF.

46 virtual servers

25 TB data

Over 4 milions CZK

saved money on the purchase of hardware for the faculty

If you are interested in the possibility of hosting servers and services at ICS, or if you would like to include your workplace under our virtual administration, contact us at vmadm@ics.muni.cz.

Also, read an article from our colleagues from CIT FF.

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