The MUNI App Speeds up the Help of Volunteers

30 Oct 2020

The recently launched mobile application "MUNI helps" was created for the volunteer center of the same name at Masaryk University for better communication with volunteers. It is accessible to them via the MUNI Single Sign-On, where we also support login via Google, Facebook, and Apple ID.

The "MUNI helps" application for smartphones now allows volunteers to view the services currently in demand and, for example, provides the volunteer center with the opportunity to address those interested in helping with specific inquiries. You can read a complete overview of the application's benefits, which already has over 1000 downloads, in an article in M magazine (Czech only).

Easy and Secure Login

"MUNI helps" is thus one of the more than 180 services users can access via the MUNI Single Sign-On. Thanks to it, students and university staff have secured access to several proven web services or important information sources. They would otherwise have to register and log in individually.

Another advantage of MUNI Single Sign-On is that access to the service is based not only on knowledge of the username. It also uses other additional information, such as affiliation to the faculty or workplace. After each login, current information (name, e-mail, etc.) is sent to the web service. Thanks to all these benefits, Single Sign-On to MUNI is used by thousands of users every day.

MUNI Single Sign-On in Numbers

10 thousand people

logged in daily

30 thousand logins


146 connected services

and another 35 test services

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